Ways To Generate Passive Income By Reselling Services Online!

Even a few decades back, none could ever thing that one can earn his livelihood selling services on the virtual platform of internet. However, things have changed very fast and now one can make millions just selling his specialized services online. And the most interesting thing is – you can still make money without having a thing to sell – yes, you can resell someone else’s stuff at a better price to your clients and make passive income from them. You just need to be smart to make money this way and to be more specific, you need to know how to close the deal! Here, you will discover few different ways to generate passive income by reselling services online. If you give this a try, you will certainly start making some money soon and if you’re smart enough, you will be making stacks of money just as a middleman. Keep exploring and take action:

3 ways to generate passive income online by reselling services offered by others

There are millions of sellers who want to sell something online; many of them are trying to sell their skills and related services. However, only a few of them are making a lot of money, but yet again, they have to work hard to make that amount of money. There is an amazing opportunity for the internet marketers who know how to reach the potential customers – yes, you can resell these services and can make money in a passive way. Let’s explore how you can do this like a pro:

#1 sell it on different marketplaces

There are many marketplaces where you can offer a service at a price you want. If you feel that you can resell anything cheaper, yet quality service from another such platform, consider reselling them on the other marketplaces and make money from them. This can be a bit difficult as the sellers know this technique and they post their offers on most popular marketplaces simultaneously. However, if you’re good at branding and relationship building – you can still make money reselling the services on the same marketplace just at a better price!

#2 internet marketing forums can get you leads

There are lots of internet marketing forums where you will find thriving internet marketers who are looking for reliable service providers. No matter what you’re re-selling, you will always get a lot of response from these platforms. If you have an age-old account, you can simply think about networking on these forums and similar platforms to get valuable business deals. Some internet marketers are making 200 percent profits just by reselling others’ stuffs. This works even better than regular affiliate marketing method!

#3 build a website and drive traffic

If you’re too good at driving traffic to a website, it’s possibly the best opportunity for you. You can literally make a lot more money than all previous methods discussed here. This way, you can charge your clients anything you want and you don’t even have a competition. The clients you have been able to bring on board are targeted by your business exclusively. If you’re good at driving traffic then look no further!

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Business Online Automation September 21, 2014 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article

The exponential growth of online business has created huge opportunities for millions of people who would love to work from the convenience of their own home as well as to compete globally.

I used to be someone like many of you who is working for someone else to earn a living. I have been away for 23 years from my family working abroad and dreaming to quit my job someday to run my own business and be my own boss.

Each of us has different priority lists in life. For me and to most of you, money is the number one priority on the lists as well as to have a work-life balance to enjoy life. People define success differently. To some, success is when you reach the highest position in the corporate world as the CEO of the company, to some success is when you get a passing mark in your examination or success is when you reach your target sales quota or it could be something that makes you feel happy from the inside when you do something for others. Success can be defined in so many ways.

I used to be an expat executive until May 2 of 2012 when I started to divert my own belief to get engage with my own goal directly. I quit my job and started to find my own path in building my own business from home.

Automation is not something new to online business entrepreneurs. Business online automation is a business operation necessity that you can’t afford to ignore.

There are few good examples to bring your business with automation. You can simply take payments online, you can build your own business mailing list, you can create a sequential auto responder follow up messages for you to build the know, like and trust.

Making money online or working from home is quite popular these days. You will see tons of opportunities, products or softwares that gives promises. And if you are desperately to make money fast, I am so sorry to tell you that there is no such thing to make you rich quickly. I’ve been there, spent thousands of dollars in different softwares or products and wasted my time trying product after product, but not seeing any sign of success.

To be honest with you, making money from them was a lot tougher. Some days of sleepless nights and I even think to give up frustratingly with all my attempts to make my first dollar online were not showing at all. It was a tiring and vicious cycle of despair of trying products after products.

Am I foolish Giving Up My Fixed Monthly Income From My Job?

Everybody says you would be foolish to give up a steady monthly paycheck and a corporate job security to take a chance on something new.

With Business Online Automation, the amount how much money you want to make, will be all up to you – from your hard work, consistency, marketing strategies, how much traffic you can generate (free or paid) to your own generating income website.

To those who wants to build their online platform, branding or integrate their offline business to online campaign. Business online automation is something for you to explore.


First of all, you’ll attract more customers without using your mouth to sell or pitching your product offline, spend less time in follow ups, building trust and credibility with your customers, automating your sales funnel activities to generate more revenue, generate different business campaigns and you can simplify business complexity to reduce both the time and the cost.

Marketing Your Business Online – Paid Or Free Advertising

Whether you own an offline business or online business there so many ways you can market online. We understand that we can use paid or free methods. Without any doubt, paying for advertising will result in faster results. But it does not guarantee better results compared to free methods as it depends on the type of objective that you are trying to achieve.

There are various objectives that can be achieved from marketing your business online:

a) Brand Building

b) Lead Acquisition

c) Sales Conversion

d) Providing customer support and interaction

e) Providing business information

Brand Building

One of the top objectives for marketing your business is to promote your brand, products and services. You want to let the online market know about your brand name. Let them be familiar with your brand and products offering. Hence, you want to increase brand exposure and brand recognition. If this is your main objective, paid advertising will yield you faster and better results.

Lead Acquisition

Another objective when you market online is to acquire leads so that you can continue to promote to your prospects. In this scenario, both free traffic and paid traffic can be equally effective. For free traffic, you can use popular social media or guest blogging to advertise your business. You can also use paid advertising to directly advertise your business.

Sales Conversion

Whenever you do a business, you want to have revenue and sales so that you remain profitable. Paid advertising will be very effective if the advertising is targeted at a group who is familiar with you and looking at the possibility of how your service or product can help them to solve their problem. Having said that, it does not mean that free traffic method does not work, it can work too if you manage it well and send targeted traffic.

Providing Customer Support And Interaction

As you now have an online presence, it is also essential to provide online support to your customers and potential customers. Some free ways to do this when you are marketing online include having your own help desk and forums. The more popular way nowadays is to use Facebook to interact with prospect and customers. So when you are marketing online paid traffic may not be able to help you achieve this objective.

Providing Business Information

The last objective is to provide information to the online visitors and this can be done via both paid and free marketing methods.

So, you need to decide what marketing objective are you trying to achieve and also if you have budget for the advertising. As long as you are willing to test and do something about it, you will be able to achieve some result.