All Information About Modern Kitchens

A recent and emerging trend that is influencing the homeowners is building a modern kitchen whenever they are building a new house or remodeling the older kitchen to the newer ones. If you are still not aware what modern kitchen is and what are its constituents then go through this article.

The basic idea of a modern kitchen-

A modern kitchen has a balance of aesthetics and functionality. The homemaker can, of course, incorporate his or her favourites in the kitchen. This is the common reason why one finds various differences from one house to another, even if the underlying concept remains the same.

What are the requirements of a modern kitchen?

There are several requirements of a modern kitchen. Whatever it may be, but all kitchens must have certain designs. These include the standard requirements that remain the same for all types of kitchen. These are the following features-

• Enough space to ensure adequate and free movement along the kitchen area.
• Adequate storage space and the working surface. Both should be at an optimum height within the access of the user.
• Easy-to-handle knobs and controls of the appliances.
• The waste disposal facilities should be easily available.
• Adaptable to the changing needs and also open to incorporate future modifications.

Difference between Modern and Traditional Kitchens

It is always better to know the traditional themes so that you can understand the modern themes and how to use them. You can expect the modern one to be contrasting with the traditional theme.

Though the theme is called traditional but it is still not out of date. The traditional one has a touch of the homely feel and comfort. But the modern theme is quite keeping with the latest trends. Not only in fashion is it number one in being efficient. A modern theme includes the sharp straight lines and the stylish block shapes.

Important features of a modern kitchen

Some features remain unchanged though whatever themes or styles are used. The first and foremost in the list is of the floor plan. It is now built according to the lifestyle of the user. This is because it not only focuses on functionality but also on the comfort of the person.

Another important feature is the appliances. You can install colour matching appliances to have a well-coordinated look with a modern and sleek look. If you are putting them into the cabinets they would appear more seamless.

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How to Refurbish Your Stairs on a Budget

Advice on cost-effective ways to improve your stairs without having to go to the trouble and expense of installing a whole new staircase. Tips include replacing the banisters with a new handrail and spindles, removing or changing the stair carpet for a more modern look, and staining or painting the stairway.

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Why You Should Buy Sarees Online

Probably one of the biggest ceremonies in India is traditional Indian weddings. And if it’s traditional, it has to be saree. Indian women look beautiful in sarees. Indian women and sarees- they always go hand in hand and are absolutely inseparable from each other. Since the time the civilization happened, sarees has always been one of the most beautiful and precious ornament that enhances the beauty of a woman. It’s the 6 yard long fabric which makes you a complete woman.

Unfortunately, buying a beautiful saree for an event or wedding is not easy. You must have encountered a situation when you were looking for a beautiful saree for a wedding and ended up wasting a lot of time and energy by going here and there, and yet you failed to find a lovely saree. However, things have now changed a bit. Buying a saree is no more a difficult task. Thanks to the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY!! You can now buy a saree online from the comfort of your home. You just need the best gadgets to access the ecommerce sites online.

Have a look at the following reasons why more and more people are looking for an online saree store:-

1. It Saves Your Valuable Time

The very obvious reason why more and more people are buying shopping online is because it saves their valuable time. When you have a tight schedule all the week, it becomes difficult to take out time from your schedule and spend few hours in buying a beautiful saree which you will wear on a special occasion.

And this is exactly why online shopping is in trend. It will not only help your time by receiving a home delivery, but they also offer excellent discounts on brands. You won’t have to leave your home for shopping. You can always do some window shopping online whenever you get time.

2. Trendy Clothes

Before the trendy sarees come in the market, you can find the same in a digital store. Yes, this is the place where you can find the latest fashion. Do you need any other reason why you should buy saree online in India? Well, we have some more.

3. Of course, CONVENIENCE

When you have decided to buy a saree online, you have opened the doors of comfort and convenience which helps you to buy the same anytime you want. You don’t need to go from one shop to other, and you can easily place the order either from your home or your office. Now, you don’t really need to struggle hard in finding a gorgeous muslin saree.

4. 24/7 Stores

One of the best features of the online store is that they will always remain open i.e. 24/7 available to assist you all the help whatever required unlike the stores in the market which closes quickly after a specific time. Whenever you get some free time, you can always do online shopping. Now time won’t have the strength to bind you if you want to buy gujrati handloom saree at Isn’t that great?

5. Price Comparison

You always have the option to check the price of sarees in different online store, do a quick comparison between both of them and buy the best one at the cheapest price. You don’t need to be in hurry. Take some time to decide, read all the features, as there won’t be any sales person selling the product to you. It’s your choice.
Top 3 Wedding Sarees You Can Buy Online


Jamdani sarees are beautiful. They are very popular among Bengali women. It’s the beautiful fabric in colorful shades which makes this saree more popular. You can get this saree at a much cheaper price in the online store, and not any Jamdani cotton saree store.


This is a kind of saree which is prefereed by classy women. It makes you look modern and classy at the same time. When you are looking for a silk saree, always look for some bright colors i.e. green, blue, orange, purple. They are beautiful.

Aplick Work Saree Online

In few parts of India, this saree is popular and it’s quite expensive if you buy it from a local saree store. They are the perfect option of office wear. You can find these sarees in different colors, patterns and designs.

Before buying sarees online, you should visit the websites and read the customer reviews/testimonials to find the reality. All the reviews you read will give you an idea about the online store. If the customers are happy and satisfied, they will share a good review. It will also help you know the authenticity of the company. There are many other aspects you need to keep in mind when you are shopping online:-

• Choose the most reputed and established online saree merchants because they will have excellent shopping sites. They will also describe about the saree i.e. fabric, colors used in the saree, enlargement of the saree and blouse both.

• They are also very quick when it comes to delivering the product and most of the times, they won’t charge a single penny for the delivery. It will be absolutely free.

• Online stores also offer great discounts during the festivals so that buyers can shop more when the prices are decreased.

• Online stores offers the latest trends and therefore it will be a great choice for you.

Finally, where should you go? You always have the option to buy from a local store or shop online. When you are looking for a saree online, you should also select the fabric which will make your search easier. Simply go through all the options, and choose the one which will make you look beautiful.

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Bridal Trends 2016-17

2016 was a year of innovation and experimentation for Indian brides. The new-age bride is breaking the typical stereotypes and going for new things. As the wedding season approaches, we scour the runways to give you the best of bridal couture. Get inspired!

Traditional designs, contemporary cuts

New-age brides look for creations that speak of the country’s heritage and crafts and at the same time let their personalities shine through. While they choose traditional designs and fabrics like heavy borders of gota patti work or intricate embroidery and chanderi or Benarasi fabric, when it comes to silhouettes, they opt for classy cuts. Unlike in the past, new-age brides are not all covered up. They love to show-off their toned bodies. More and more brides are opting for tailored silhouettes that flatter their bodies and lend an air of sophistication.

The blouse gets a makeover

From sheer to ornate embroidered blouses, the runways saw a lot of experimentation this year. The off-shoulder trend, which was still now a popular street-style, has made its way to the bridal world. The runways also saw an unusual combination – sharp shirts and flowy lehengas. New brides are also sporting Grecian-inspired one-shoulder blouses, and bold and structured long and short jackets, which they team up with saris or lehengas.

Moving away from the OTT bling

Bridal wear has moved away from the bling and bauble of the past and seeing a return to elegance. The new bride wants to relax and have fun, and that is spilling into fashion. They want to be comfortable and prefer light outfits. And to appeal to the modern Indian bride some of the leading designers are bringing “lightness” to their bridal line using cuts, couching and fine threadwork.

Benarasi weave makes a comeback

While sheer saris with lace detailing, lehengas with textured metallic blouses, royalty inspired jackets, anarkalis and gowns are all big this season, we also see some of the leading designers like Sabyasachi and Ritu Kumar creating wonders in Benarasi weave. And the trend has trickled down to their bridal collection. You will see new generation brides opting for colourful Benarasi saris and vintage zardozi lehengas.

Moving beyond red

Brides are moving beyond red and opening up to non-traditional colours. Many designers showcased their wedding collection this year in creams, Iranian turquoise and deep burgundy. Black is also a popular choice for the sangeet. Pink and orange are also a favourite. Some of the leading designers like Gaurav Gupta are even making bridal wear in fresh, English colours like powder blue and mint green. And Tarun Tahilaini showcased his bridal collection in beige, pink, salmon and ivory. The new generation of brides are lapping them up as they are quite progressive in their outlook and never shy away from experimenting.

It’s all about the classics when it comes to jewellery

When it comes to jewellery bling is out and subtlety is in. It’s all about timeless classic pieces. Brides are gravitating towards a fuss-free style. Traditional uncut sets, solitaire studs and emerald necklaces are the flavour of the season. The layering and stacking trend is still strong. Brides are opting for a choker, followed by a mid-length diamond necklace, and finally a waist length piece. To cater to the modern bride, some of the leading jewellers are making jewellery in unusual shapes like squares, triangles, and hexagons, too. Polki or a fusion of polki and diamonds is still a big trend, especially for cocktails. For the wedding an emerald ring, a pair of chandelier earrings and titanium bangles are must-haves.

Experimenting with hair accessories

Brides are moving beyond the usual and experimenting with hair accessories like paasas, matha pathis and tikkas.

Check out the biggest bridal trends for the year 2017, that helps you to start thinking of good ideas on your big day. Also find the stunning looks from latest bridal fashion week

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Ordinary Paint Won’t Do: Limitless Decorative Possibilities For Your Home

Faux painting and faux finishing are words that are usually used to describe decorative finishes that duplicate the look of another material.

The word “faux” is French for “artificial, fake, or false”. A surface that has been applied with a faux finish may create the illusion that it is the real thing, or may be applied for artistic and aesthetic purposes.

The replication of textures, images, and décor on walls is not new. Evidence shows that the earliest caves and the tombs of ancient Egypt have painting and murals. The Ancient Mesopotamian civilization made use of plaster and stucco.

Faux finishing, replicates marble, stone, wood, and grain. It had a major resurgence in the 20th century when wallpaper fell out of fashion. Plaster, stone and brickwork, concrete, and adobe are some just some of the surfaces that it can work with, using various methods and techniques. The great thing about these faux finishes is that even if it replicates textures, the surface is always smooth when touched.

Faux painting has been popular through the years, and there was even a time when apprentices would study for years with masters in order to achieve mastery. Artists can replicate not only textures, but also images from nature such as fur, sand, rocks, seashells, pebbles, and foliage. They can also copy famous painting on walls from the “old masters” to contemporary artists like Jackson Pollok, Frank Stella, David Hockney, and many more.

Excellent artists and craftsmen will be able to create murals and faux paintings that can trick your eyes into believing that you are seeing the real thing. They can even get marvelous effects on a flat surface, tricking your eye to imagine crown moldings in room corners, when the surface is actually flat. These “tricks” require skill and creativity.

Here are some common faux finishes that can create wondrous effects to any space, if done right:

1. Venetian Plaster

What used to be a time-consuming process can now be achieved in a couple of hours, and it mimics the look of the stucco or polished marble reminiscent of old-world European architecture.

2. Trompe l’oeil

French for “fool the eye”, this is an art technique that employs realistic images and creates an optical illusion that makes it look like the images are in 3D.

3. Metallic Paint

There was a time when metallic paint was quite hazardous and needed toxic solvents to clean, but modern supplies are now mostly water-based. It gives the shiny, shimmering look of metal, and the walls give a certain sparkle when the lights hit them.

4. Wood Graining

This is a technique used to create the effect of wood. This method is popular these days, with the bid to not irresponsibly use lumber as a building material. Wood graining is a hot trend in interior decorating. A graining tool is used to mimic the natural patterns of wood grain.

5. Faux Marbling

This technique is commonly used in buildings and commercial areas where the cost of using marble can get very expensive. It requires skill to acquire the subtle effects of real marble.

6. Strie painting

Strie painting is a technique used where the effect is soft, thin color streaks. This is done with the use of a paintbrush, painting in long, vertical strokes. The final effect resembles the look of fabric such as linen.

7. Ragging or Sponging

Using a rag or sponge in painting creates interesting textures, especially if done in multiple layers. The rag or sponge is dipped in paint, then dabbed on the surface to be painted, usually a wall. Some painters use varying shades of color to create a subtle depth on the finished surface.

8. Fresco

A mural painting technique that uses water-based paint on freshly applied wet plaster. Water is combined with the plaster, and when it is set and hardened, the painting becomes a seamless design on the wall.

The best thing about faux painting and faux finishing is that if something is not quite right, it can always be painted again.

With the use of both of these techniques, the possibilities in decorating your home and even commercial and public spaces have become endless.

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The Top Mink Fur Trends for Fall 2016

For women and men, fur is the highest standard of clothing. And for many of those fur lovers, mink is the crème de la crème. Minks are a part of the weasel family and can be found in nature throughout America and other locations around the globe. However, most mink fur is now ranched on small farms to ensure a higher quality product compared to mink found in the wild.

Mink is one of the most popular furs because of its luxurious feel and elegant appearance. It’s also versatile: perfect for causal and formal events.

If you already have a mink coat or you are interested in purchasing one in the future, here are some tips on how you can wear it fashionably for fall:

1) Mink Fur in Exotic Colors and Prints

One of the reasons mink is so versatile is because it comes in many colors. Wild mink normally comes in dark brown or black, but domesticated mink fur can come in colors such as:


Mink can also be dyed for even more color options. Global fashion designers love mink’s plush look and feel combined with bright, dynamic shades.

Your grandmother may own a mink coat in brown or black, but don’t feel limited by those colors. The big four fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) are debuting mink in colors ranging from deep jewel tones to gentle pastels. When you’re going big in color, stay with a monochromatic color scheme for the rest of your outfit. The effect will be slimming for any body shape, and reflect another hot trend: wearing a single hue.

2) Men in Mink Coats and Jackets

A growing population of fur connoisseurs are men. As men begin to seek out more luxury products, mink is on the top of their list for the same reasons women are attracted to the fur:


Mink fur can be incredibly flattering on both men and women. If you’re a gentleman searching for the perfect fur, try on different sizes and silhouettes at an established furrier.

They can help you find a complementary coat for your body shape. Your new fur coat should be big enough to cover you, but not overwhelm your physique.

Wear men’s furs with your business suit to give yourself a commanding presence or with a tux to an exclusive gala. Don’t feel restricted by a single color or pattern.

3) Accessories and Trim in Mink Fur

Mink coats can start under $1,000 and shoot up to over $10,000. If you love the look of mink, but not the price, take a look at mink fur accessories. Fall has arrived and chilly temperatures are here to stay, so now is the perfect time to try mink scarves, gloves, hats, and more. A simple accent can transform your look from ordinary to exceptional.

Pair your favorite shades with a velvety mink scarf or wrap for an instant Hollywood look. For a modern look, try a mink fur vest with skinny jeans and boots. If you want to add extra warmth to your favorite piece, add a fur collar or trim to a leather jacket. Be unique and get ready to rock your mink fur this fall.

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Trending Fashion in the Activewear Industry

The concept of activewear is gaining much popularity among today’s youth as people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and fitness. Even well-known fashion designers have started launching their own brand of fitness wear. It is very important to wear proper attire when it comes to working out. Besides keeping you comfortable, it also gives you a sense of motivation to achieve your goal. A proper pair of shoes and apparel is just good enough to wake you up on those lazy early mornings for working out.

Just like anything else in the fashion industry, this line has its own classic collection meant for day to day regular classic exercises. However, with these trending exercises like running barefoot or Zumba dancing, wearing the right kind of apparel has become very important.

Some of the trending fashions statements in lieu of fitness are listed below.

• Patterned leggings: Nowadays, even fashion designers are experimenting with fitness clothes. With the trending designs, one can actually be confused between a weekend wear and an activewear. Gone are those days when people used to wear regular leggings and tank tops during workout sessions. Something to look out for now is printed, sparkling, textured leggings which are comfortable yet fashionable. With sequins and floral patterns and mesh structures on leggings, these are now becoming fashion statements for many people who work out regularly. However, before buying one must make sure that the material is comfortable enough for the skin.

• Pullovers with pockets: This kind of attire is perfect for chilly parts of the world where the only workout would not help to make you feel warm. Thus, with the onset of these trendy pullovers with a multiple number of pockets it has become very easy to carry mobile phones, keys, and other accessories for workout sessions. The sweat-absorbent material near the armpit and other areas makes it very comfortable for the person to workout.

• Headbands: The new improved headbands are no more used to keep the hair tied back. However, they cover the ears during cold chilly winter mornings. Though using a headband to tie the hair has slowly gone out of fashion there are still some women who use double strap ones to keep the hair off their face in order to avoid any irritation during workout sessions.

Try out some these trending fashion tips to keep yourself energized and motivated to work out and stay healthy.

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Stylish and Practical Bags for Men

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Three Tips on How to Buy a Fur Coat This Winter

During the sparkle of Old Hollywood, fur was a must have among the rich, famous, and beautiful. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor wrapped themselves in fur coats as a status symbol of their unbridled femininity and class.

In the following years, fur grew less popular due to protests and more causal trends in fashion.

But there has been a shift in the last few years. Fur is making a comeback across all markets. The International Fur Trade Federation reports that global fur sales have more than doubled from $15.6 billion in 2011 to $35.8 billion in 2013. Retail sales aren’t the only proof of resurgence in fur. Runways from New York to Paris are bringing fur back. In 2015, 73% of the designers showing in New York, London, Milan, and Paris presented fur in their fall and winter collections.

If you are looking to add a touch of elegance and high-fashion to your wardrobe, consider purchasing a real fur coat. A genuine fur coat can last years with proper care, and there are fur restyle options available should you want to do something different with your fur down the road. Another fur benefit includes unbeatable warmth; you will be the envy of all your friends and co-workers as you warmly brave the approaching winter chill. Read on to see our top suggestions for buying a fur coat:

Know Your Types of Furs

There are dozens of types of furs out there, but we’re going to focus on the top choices:

Mink – Mink is one of the most popular and recognizable furs globally. It makes up around 70% of all fur sales. This fur is a favorite because it’s plush, elegant, and lightweight. Mink coats can range from less than $1,000 to well over $10,000.

Sable – Sable is one of the rarest types of fur. With its silver, sleek hairs, sable feels even silkier than mink. Warm, but incredibly light, a simple jacket can start around $15K.

Chinchilla – Chinchilla is one of the softest furs available and naturally comes in a stunning blue-gray hue. While extremely soft, chinchilla has the highest hair density across all furs, making it extremely warm. Chinchilla can start in the low thousands for some pieces, but top off at over six figures.

There are attractive fur options to fit all price ranges. Shop around for your fur, looking online and visiting stores in person. Think about how you will wear your fur. Is this for special occasions or do you plan to wear it for every day? Don’t feel like your fur is limited to one type of event or venue.

More women and men are opting to wear fur for day-to-day.

Know How to Shop

Like you would any new dress or pair of pants, try on your fur coat. If you are shopping online, ask for additional pictures from the seller in different types of light, indoor and outdoor. Since fur can be a large investment, make sure it complements your skin and hair color.

Furs have evolved drastically from the days of old Hollywood movies. Yes, there are still the classic, full-length coats in hues of brown and black. But dyed furs are a now a popular choice in everything from jackets to capelets.

Think about why you want to buy a fur. Are you looking to make an impactful fashion statement? If so, explore colorful options and modern design. Do you want a more classic piece that will stand the test of time? Opt for a more conventional style.

Know How to Care and Maintain

Once you have browsed your fur buying options and purchased your coat, it is time make a fur maintenance plan. Real fur must be cared for properly or permanent damage can take place. Fur should be professionally cleaned and glazed at least once a year to remove unwanted dirt and odor particles. Fur glazing protects the hair and helps lock in their natural oils. In the off-season, fur should be properly stored. The humidity and temperature inconsistencies in most homes are damaging so fur owners should find licensed furrier storage. Lastly, fur should be properly insured in case of accidents or theft.

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Reasons to Buy Antique Furniture

Collecting antiques is the well-known and common interest among many people either they are casual buyers or the professional dealers. Regardless of the modern “Ikea” era of convenience, the passion with which people look for these ancient treasures remains unrelieved. For many fans, it is tough to say exactly what attracts them to an antique. It might be the historical significance value simple beauty! The reason for seeking vintage items can widely differ, hence here we are presenting few reasons to buy antique furniture.

Connection to the past

Antiques tell a story as they are tokens of the past: they bring the importance of bygone interactions, superannuated etiquette, and customs. They are simply a reminder of the luxuries and the asperities of another period. And antiques that are inherited from your forebears give a tangible connection to your own traditions. For example, a ring, that is passed on through the generations may have very emotional values that can’t be evaluated by the grade of the diamonds! Devotees of antiques cherish the real aspect of their collection. They could think about who sipped wine out of this glass or who calmed their baby to settle with this swinging chair and lots more…

Antiques retain or increase in value

The frank reason behind persons’ enthusiasm for vintage is their monetary prize. The age, condition, and historical era can describe true value of antiques. Buyers with this ability can recognize an underpriced or unnoticeable thing, and even make noteworthy benefits purchasing and offering on the old fashioned market. The value of well-cared antiques goes high over the time. While prices increase and decrease, collectibles are a worthy investment over the long run. Even vintage accessories can be a game changer for instance, by including some delightful mid-century vases, a French antique mirror or a couple of vintage deco lights!

Antiques are trend-proof.

While antique pieces are more averse to be super popular they are additionally less inclined to ever be totally unfashionable. Even vintage accessories can be a game changer for instance, by including some delightful mid-century vases, a French antique mirror or a couple of vintage decor lights! Plus Antique furniture is generally very well made. Antiques can add texture, liveliness, and charisma to even the most modern or contemporary decor.

Promote sustainability and support small businesses

Vintage furniture is environmentally responsible and it makes sense because they are inherently recycled and reused. When you purchase vintage pieces from nearby stores or galleries, you’re playing a dynamic part in manageability and reinforcing the neighborhood economy. Furthermore, you find the opportunity to build up a compatibility with neighborhood storeowners.

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